Guided Writing Program

Ascent guides you on the path to the summit of your writing goals


I’ve written other books, but the creative development training you took me through during the coaching process revolutionized the way I understand book writing and the art of writing itself.

No other training has taught me what you’ve taught me.


Ascent’s Guided Writing Program is built on the classic mentorship design.Seasoned writing professionals train you in the lifestyle and practice of being a writer, in the techniques of writing, and also ground you in a broad understanding of the publishing world today.Ascent’s signature difference is this: We start by developing your writing powers at a foundational level, training you in practices that open, focus, and empower your creative deep consciousness.From this foundation, we guide you in the development of a successful manuscript — from outline through drafting.

Our goal is to make your writing connect solidly with your audience… and gain the attention of literary agents and publishers.

How the program works

First and foremost - we help you develop the mechanics of great writing:

Working from your basic concepts, or with a rough manuscript-in-the-works, a professional writing coach will guide you in the development of your book - from concept to outline or storyboard to a compelling finished draft.

Before entering this phase of the program, attendance at one of our Writing Intensive Workshops or a Private Tutorial is required.

Our coaches are top-ranked writers and editors, and are trained in product development, which means they know how to make your work both readable and salable.

All the way through, your coach will keep you focused on your target readers, so you can be sure your content is interesting and strongly applicable to your audience. This helps ensure that your work is well written and strongly reader-focused… which is very important to its future sales potential.

Along with that, we help you to empower your mind:

Using simple meditation practices to develop the skills of your creative mind, we will train you to have: mental clarity, steady focus, openness to the deep imagination, the ability to create logical order… and more.

Program Structure and Schedule

  • This is a 12-month program.
  • During your initial coaching session, you and your coach will begin by creating the outline or storyboard for your book. This first session is vital to your success in developing a great book. You will carefully define your readers’ interests and needs, which is central to a “successful” book – one that your readers cannot put down and will recommend to others.
  • You will receive training in conscious creativity practices, which will show you how to clear and focus your mind and boost creative output.
  • You and your coach will also set your personal schedule of monthly writing goals, interim deadlines, and monthly appointments.

Following this:

  • Each month, you’ll submit your work on a set schedule, normally the Friday prior to your coaching appointment. Submissions are made via email.
  • Before your meeting, your coach will annotate your file with interlinear boldfaced comments and creative suggestions.
  • You then meet online via Skype™ to discuss your work and receive a new set of writing directives. During your appointment, you and your coach will discuss the annotated file so you can understand why suggestions and amendments were made. Though your coach is an expert in handling a wide range of editorial and content issues, making your coach a great resource, you as the author will always decide how you want to rewrite or redirect your material. At the end of your appointment, you and your coach will determine a new set of objectives for the next writing period. Please note: Between appointments, you can contact your coach via email (or phone, if necessary) to stay on track and keep your manuscript work flowing. The coaching process, however, works best when you submit a good, solid brace of writing for your coaching session, allowing your coach to respond to words-on-the-page and not just to ideas.

In addition:

  • When your manuscript is completed, or at the end of the 12-month session, whichever comes first, you will also be instructed in how to circulate your manuscript among target readers to obtain a creative critique of your work.
  • Along the way, you’ll enjoy our motivational “prompts” and personal encouragements.

You will need a professional pitch and proposal:


Presenting your finished work to literary agents and publishers requires a professional publishing proposal and a plan.

We can instruct you in: how to research literary agents and publishers appropriate for your manuscript; how to develop the important elements of a publishing proposal, including your query (or “pitch”) letter, manuscript summary, and comparable titles.

Contact us about our fee structure for this additional service.

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