Mission Statement

imagine a new world
new ways to do things
& new ways to be as human beings

ASCENT’s aim is to develop not just books, but writer-communicators. We do this through teaching great writing techniques and mind skills that open and direct the powers of the creative communicator. If you want to find and use your voice as a writer, we'll show you how.

Our mission is to help people voice their personal experience, express imagination, and evolve professional skills through the creation of strongly audience-connected books.

For four decades, we have helped to launch the writing careers of everyday people as well as professionals. That's ASCENT'S main stable of authors, and if it describes you - welcome!

Culture Creators

A special aspect of our mission now is to support the work of what can be called "culture creators" - those who imagine a new world, new ways to do things, and new ways to be as human beings.

Imagination is the epigenetics of the human race. We live into what we can imagine, and in so doing we create the world we dream and wish to inhabit.

— David Hazard, Founder and Director

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