Jeffrey Ritter

Creating new rules for business
at the speed of light

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To put it simply, Jeffrey is shaping the future of business and government worldwide. A world leader in the field of digital trust, Jeffrey has forged a new way for critical decisions to be made – with confidence – as we encounter the challenges of this, the 21 st Century.

Jeffrey Ritter

A lecturer at Oxford, Jeffrey has also taught graduate courses in online commerce, information governance, and privacy engineering at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown universities.

And he’s a heck of a competitor on the cycling race course.

Jeffrey Ritter-Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light

But - this is about his book.

Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light is a one of a kind phenomenon. It presents top level executives with something remarkable – a complete tool kit of new strategies and resources that change how they make critical decisions that will affect the direction of corporations and nations – decisions that can be trusted.

The tools Jeffrey has created include The Trust Decision Model™, the Trust Vocabulary™, the Rules for Composing Rules™, the Trust Prism™ - and more. All presented in this book.

Contribution to Global Digital and Internet Security:

Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance:

Jeffrey has been, and continues to be, at the vanguard of connecting technology and the rule of law, always passionate and thinking globally. His book is a valued contribution toward our collective efforts to achieve digital trust across the cloud.

Michelle Finnearan Dennedy, Vice President, Cisco Systems

The methodologies and strategies in this book build upon the human and emotional aspects of trust and create the path toward achieving a sustainable digital infrastructure.

Nualla O'Connor, President and CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology

This book is essential reading for corporate exectutives and leaders fo all kinds in the digital age. Responsible and respectful stewardship of data and digital assets is the new corporate social responsibility.

Jeffrey Ritter is a sought-after lecturer and speaker, from Oxford and Georgetown Universities to Microsoft, Intel, Google and other multinational corporations. Here’s a sample presentation:

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