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George Mallinckrodt

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THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS HAS BANNED THIS BOOK. The FDC doesn't want the truth to come out - that it is the most corrupt, brutal agency in all of Florida.

Why should you care about the humane treatment of prison inmates?

At present, a large percentage of America's prison population is made up of mental health patients and homeless people who committed minor offenses - and yet these souls are often treated as violent criminals and denied access to proper care.

George Mallinckrodt

Getting Away With Murder is an insider's account of a prison psychiatric ward in which the aberrant and bizarre are daily occurrences. Honest, unflinching, George Mallinckrodt’s expose reveals why America is desperately in need of prison reform - and an overhauled mental healthcare system.

America is experiencing a mental health crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Fifty years ago, shocking conditions and abuses in psychiatric facilities resulted in nationwide closures, with no viable plan to provide care for former and future patients. For the severely mentally ill, ever diminishing funding for mental health has resulted in a de facto return to the Middle Ages.

Getting Away With Murder: A True Story - George C. Mallinckrodt

Having worked as a psychotherapist for nearly three years in a Florida state prison psychiatric unit, Mallinckrodt experienced firsthand the ultimate consequences of failed national and state mental health policies. With high hopes, 20 years of counseling experience, and a determination to make a difference, he dove headlong into the miasma of prison counseling.

Where he arrived, however, was at the front lines of an epic tragedy, on an eye-opening odyssey with patients who suffer a range of mental illness from paranoid schizophrenia to garden variety depression, prison guards untrained to handle such conditions - and predators who take advantage of the powerless.

George Interviewed on the National Crisis of Prison Reform:

  • George provided eye-witness expert testimony as a psychotherapist to a leading investigative reporter writing for one of America's premier publications. This article helped to launch his national campaign to reform prisoner treatment.
    New Yorker magazine cover half wrap promo: Florida Prison's from Hell
  • HuffPost Live Segment with George Mallinckrodt

    About this interview, George says, "I was asked to come on HuffPost Live to comment on my experience as a prison psychotherapist. The Human Rights Watch report regarding treatment of mentally inmates had just been published."

  • Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman - Whistleblower Exposes Abuse of Mentally Ill in Florida Prison

    A shocking new exposé in The New Yorker magazine documents how prison guards at the Dade Correctional Institution in Florida have subjected mentally ill prisoners to vicious beatings, scalding showers and severe food deprivation. Journalist Eyal Press notes the guards act with near impunity since prison staff, including mental health workers, often fear reprisals for speaking out. We speak with Eyal Press and one of his sources, George Mallinckrodt, a psychotherapist and whistle-blower who reported the abuse of his patients in the Dade Correctional Institution's Transitional Care Unit in 2011.


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