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I am extremely happy with my decision to work with Ascent, even though the financial commitment gave me a bit of hesitation. Then I realized I needed to make writing my book the focus for this point of my life, and I shifted money from my small vacations account. I realized that I thought nothing of spending a lot of money on a trip that would be over in a week or so... and instead I needed to invest in myself and my creative aspirations.

— J.D.





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Part 1: Writers’ Intensive Workshop

Writers’ Intensive Workshop ONLY: $695
Workshop Hours: Weekdays 9am - 5pm, Weekends 9am - 5pm

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Part 1 Alternative: Private Tutorial

Private Tutorial ONLY: $895
One day professional coaching one-on-one
Satisfies prerequisite for the Guided Writing Program

Part 2: Guided Writing Program

The 12-Month Guided Writing Program
Open only to participants of Part 1
Add: $5,000

Does not include The Adirondack Writing Sojourn
Total Cost: $5,695 or $5,895, depending on Part 1 format

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The Executive Level Guided Writing Program

We will meet with you to discuss services and pricing.

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Registrants may submit a brief sample of writing (either 1 unpublished article, or 1 chapter from an unpublished manuscript in progress, or a 1- to 3-page summary of a work still in planning phase).

Refunds policy: Visit our policies page to review our refund policy.

Upon receiving your registration, we’ll send you an information packet that includes a daily training schedule and directions to your workshop location.

Questions: email
or call (540) 454-4495 8 am - 8 pm EST


1-Hour Consultations - Aftercare Consultations

$175/ hour,   1-hour minimum

If you are not currently a full-time ASCENT client or if you are an ASCENT client who has completed your Guided Writing Program this service is for you.

1-Hour Consultations can help you: determine whether your idea is publishable; how to focus your idea for a definite publishing genre and audience; whether you should pursue a traditional or self-publishing path; and answer other early decision-making questions.

Aftercare Consultations can help you: evaluate agent's and publisher's agreements; evaluate or develop self-publishing, marketing and promotional plans; determine whether your website is a viable author's site; create a plan for future writing and publishing ventures.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation can help you: determine the publishability of your work now or its further development needs; important audience/ product development needs (like titling; audience trigger words, etc.); a potential publishing path. Cost of a review is based on 12-pt type, double-spaced page count.


Unpaid Balance

Installment payments are based on the full price of the program you choose.

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