Adirondack Sojourn

Old Forge, NY
September 2024
A Creative-Growth Getaway
for the Evolving Writer


Our Writing Sojourn takes place in early Fall, in the heart of the Adirondacks - the “forever wild” mountains and lakes of upstate New York. Receive the support of a professional writing coach as you create your manuscript … and enjoy the energizing solitude one of America’s most picturesque wilderness regions.

When you’re not developing your work with the support of your coach… you can swim, fish (game-fish abound in these waters!), take a mountain hike, marvel at rare wildflowers, canoe or kayak. Of course you can always just relax …

But be ready to capture photos of bald eagles, hawks, bears, coyotes, raccoons, or - if you’re fortunate - even a moose.

The Adirondack Writing Sojourn is separate from our 2-Part Program. Registration must be made separately.
collage of photos of the Sojourn and environs

“We stayed on a secluded point, and it was breathtaking. Exactly what I needed to get my second book started. With the coaching support I am much further ahead because of the Adirondack get-away. The solitude of the north country and the camaraderie of other writers kept me in a creative space.” — S.R.

“Ascent managed to incorporate the right balance of structure and free time during the event. Because I received solid direction when the need arose I got more done on my novel than expected.” — P.S.

“David is a masterful teacher, who uses examples in his talks that relate to one's specific writing project. He uses humor to keep the mood light, which makes for a fun and creative working environment. The guided writing exercises helped us all keep our writing flowing.” — M.D.


View of the sunset on the lake

September 4 - 8

On September 4, arrive between 3 and 5 pm, and settle in to your room.

Your host will be on-hand to greet you and serve light refreshments.

In the evening, our formal program will begin at 7 pm, on the lakefront. Campfire and star-gazing to follow.

David Hazard, bestselling author, publishing executive, and founder of Ascent will be your lead presenter and coach. Meet David Hazard.

Description of Your Day:


8:00 am: Lake-Side Awakenings. Days begin with enjoyable (and non-strenuous) yoga sessions.

9:00 am - 11:00 am: Group Interactive Coaching. Each day opens with instruction in meditation practices that stimulate the creative consciousness. You’ll also learn (or refresh your knowledge) of strong writing techniques — in both fiction and non-fiction styles — and learn how to hone your distinctive writing “voice.” Simple — and lively — writing exercises punctuate each morning.

Noon: Lunch Break


1:00 - 6:00 pm: Personal Writing Time. Enjoy the solitude, find a shady or sunny spot (your choice), and write amid the scent of balsam and pine. This quiet period is reserved for writing.

Appointments. You can also schedule afternoon appointments with your writing coach. You’ll discuss your work, and receive personalized directives to help keep your creativity flowing.

One-hour personal coaching appointments can be scheduled between 1 and 6 pm. Writings to be reviewed must be submitted the evening before your appointment.


6:00 pm: Dinner. Delight yourself with a range of restaurant options - from gourmet to simple - at one of the fine local establishments, or create your own dinner in the lakehouse kitchen.

8:00 pm: Present Your Work to the other writers while learning the art of constructive critiquing from your coach. One of several authors may join us to give brief talks and dialogue with you about the writing and publishing experience.

bright campfire and lake reflecting stars at night

9:30 pm: Campfire. Enjoy a nightly campfire at lakeside, watch stars come out over the mountains and still waters, and relax to the woodland’s enchanting sounds.

Bedtime. Fall asleep to the cry of wild loons … and realize fully why we call this experience a sojourn!


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Distinguished Past Consultants

Janet BengeJanet Benge, co-author of the international, multi-million selling series, Heroes of History, travelled from her home Winter Park, Florida, to coach and teach about YA fiction writing.

Eric MyersEric Myers, a literary agent with Dystel, Goderich & Bourret in Manhattan, spoke on breaking into the publishing world. Eric’s client list includes Chris Grabenstein, author the New York Times bestselling Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.

Jeff VanVonderen Jeff Van Vonderen is an Emmy™ Award-winning cohost of the A&E television series, “Intervention”. He has been a repeat guest on “Oprah” and has appeared on other national programs. Jeff detailed his leap from book publishing to television and how to work with major media.

Matt LeonardMatt Leonard, social media marketing specialist, consulting with clients like Time-Life, joined us for three days of coaching on building a social media following - critically important for success as an author today.

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North Country Public Radio's
Advance Coverage of Ascent's 2010 Event


TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

The search for new writing talent
New writers who wanted to break into the book publishing world were invited to ASCENT's first Adirondack Writing event at the Wood's Inn in Inlet, New York, in August of 2010. The program was designed to help aspiring writers and those who wanted to boost their careers to new levels. It included daily coaching classes, interviews with established authors, and one-on-one coaching - a first event of its kind in the vast, upstate New York region. NCPR's Todd Moe spoke with David Hazard, the event's founder, who explained why it was important to anchor a major writing event in the Adirondacks, one of America's most beautiful wilderness areas - a place where he also has deep, personal roots.

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