Private Tutorial

PART 1 ‘Alternative’ of Our Program


We provide a solid handhold on your work to start you off… solo or in our Guided Writing Program

“I needed to start writing my book immediately, and couldn’t wait for the next Writing Intensive Workshop on Ascent’s schedule. The Private Tutorial was exactly what I needed. In one day of coaching you introduced me to many excellent new skills, sharpened my writing skills, and helped me create an outline. Oh yes, and also helped me focus on the right audience for my book. Amazing. Well worth it!”


Our Private Tutorial gives you one-on-one coaching.

Receive focused attention from a publishing professional.

With one day of private training and interaction, you’ll gain:

  • tools to open and focus your creativity
  • a clear understanding of your audience and their needs
  • writing techniques specifically geared to your project
  • an outline for the development of your manuscript
  • a “personal contract” to help you reach your writing goals
photo - David Hazard coaching an author

Your Private Tutorial will give you everything you would gain in group workshop, except you will have the personalized attention of a coaching professional, focused on your writing needs and goals and on your project alone.

“I want to thank you for an extremely energizing and enlightening day of work. I was not sure how to create my book, but after working with you I have been generating ideas non-stop. Thank you for charging me up and giving me a new passion for the written word and for my novel. I have been enlightened!”



Attending one of these foundational trainings is required before you enter Part 2: The Guided Writing Program.

You may choose to attend only the Writers’ Intensive Workshop… or you may choose to make it your entrance into Ascent’s Guided Writing Program.

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