Director's Bio

David Hazard

photo: Kurt Gardner

In 2007, David Hazard founded ASCENT, an organization that hosts creative-writing schools, workshops and retreats from coast to coast in the U.S. and internationally.

A published author, David has helped to launch and develop the careers of some 400 authors during his 40 years in the publishing field. His success in coaching writers comes from his method of training, which engages the whole person, mind and body.

David discovered his passion for books early. "I always loved the way books take you on a journey to something you never knew before. My mind was lit up by learning from other people's life experiences or by being transported to distant places or times. I realized so many people have so much to offer us all - which makes me want to 'find the fire' in other writers and help them present it."

Good fortune boosted his career in publishing, when he was trained by several multi-million-selling authors and a Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer on how to develop powerful, page-turning books.

In his wide-ranging career as a writing coach, David has coached government officials, actors and celebrities, novelists, financial and economic experts, TV stars, children's authors, international diplomats, news correspondents, psychologists and counselors, pop music stars, leaders in academia, motivational speakers, professional sports figures, spiritual teachers and theologians… and everyday men and women with poignant memoirs to publish.

About ASCENT's three-fold approach to coaching writers, he says:

"I wanted to use my skills as both a writing coach and a product-marketing developer to help authors shape their thinking and writing into saleable books. You can find coaches and editors everywhere — what today's authors need are publishing specialists with the whole range of skills ASCENT's program offers them.

"Second, I founded ASCENT out of a personal desire to see people 'live their fire' – which means achieving important life Aspirations. Too many people close to me were living unlived lives, not experiencing the life-giving energy of their own potential, and as a result paying huge costs in poor emotional and even poor physical health.

"Finally, I discovered meditation practices that Empower the Creative Mind. For over 37 years I've used simple and effective meditation techniques to manage illnesses and serious injuries. As writer and writing coach, I also saw how they help a writer clear their mind, sharpen their focus and ignite the fires of creativity.

"Put these three powerful forces together – a strong coaching program, personal aspiration, empowered creative mind – and you've got the skills that make for a strong writer."


David has been as an author, publishing consultant, and writing and creativity coach since 1978, developing bestselling lines of books for numerous publishers. He has written more than 30 books of his own, including several award-winning and internationally bestselling titles. His 1984 book, Blood Brothers, led to three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for its subject, Dr. Elias Chacour, and is now published in 29 languages.

Other bestsellers and award-winning books include: A Place Behind the World (1st Place, Fiction, ECPA); No Compromise: The Keith Green Story (over 1.5 million sold); Rekindling the Inner Fire, an 11-volume series (over 300,000 sold). David has consulted with publishers such as Doubleday, HarperCollins, Random House, Thomas Nelson and others.

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