Jeff VanVonderen

Jeff VanVonderenA motivational speaker, interventionist and former pastor, Jeff is best known for co-hosting A&E’s Emmy® Award-winning reality show, Intervention.

ASCENT coached Jeff in the writing and publication of three books, each of which has become a classic in the therapeutic community and among readers recovering from several tragically wide-spread life issues.



Jeff is an expert in the area of substance abuse intervention and frequently speaks at national symposia on the subject, such as the BrightHouse Networks & Westcare Host “Intervention” Town Hall Meeting.

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ASCENT coached Jeff in the writing of these books:

Tired of Trying to Measure Up continues, 25 years after its publication, to help those who struggle under the weight of high-performance demands, and who suffer physical and emotional burnout.

Families Where Grace is in Place is a healing read for people who grew up in families where “good enough” was “never enough.”

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse is setting free the many who were manipulated and misused by over-dominant spiritual leaders and legalistic communities.

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Jeff was also lampooned on South Park, the sign of achieving true “cultural icon status”!
South Park lampoons Intervention