Author Endorsements

ASCENT Authors Celebrate Our Shared Success


Using ASCENT’s writing coaching and creative development services, my books have won multiple national and international awards. Phenomenal service.

— Heidi DuPree, author of The Other Medicine that Really Works

Absolutely love the coaching. Amazing insight into my story, and into my writing process, as well.

— Teresa Feldman-Loftus, Guided Writing Program participant

David challenged me to become a better writer, through incredible insight that can only be gained by decades of experience.

— Christina Brockett, author of The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook

ASCENT has a unique way of helping writers find their voice and make magic with words.

— Chester Mitchell, author of The Gravel Road to Heaven and The Healing Road To Heaven

ASCENT offers ingenious and creative coaching. I am tremendously grateful to be on the ASCENT team.

— Eddie Mason, author of Playbook for the Game of Life

ASCENT can turn your ideas into successful finished products. Their team of coaches and designers are a critical component of my writing success.

— Dan Sheehan, author of After Action

ASCENT offered mentorship, coaching, and sage advice at every step. The look and feel of my book almost sells itself.

— Jennifer Rundlett, author of My Dancing Day

Self-publishing can be overwhelming. ASCENTS’ coaching, design and marketing team is expert in the publishing field.

— Louise Babirak, author of Shadow Children

Without ASCENT’s coaching, my novels would not have seen the light of day. ASCENT is the reason I reached my highest writing goals. It’s as simple as that.

— Lane Dolly, author of the Through Faith and Fire historical fiction series

David Hazard has a gift. He helps writers experience the ‘a-ha moment’ that makes a book spring vibrantly to life.

— Penelope A. Thoms, author of Seanchai and Living by a River

Faced with your question, ‘what is your passion?’ and your encouragement to write about it ‘with fire,’ I realized my writing and my life needed to change.

— Dave Tobin, veteran journalist