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Do You Have a Case of the “Waits”?

November 2010

Science tells us that people who live fueled by a deeply held aspiration are happier and healthier. Living a life without real drive, or feeling blocked from pursuing a dream, leaves us depressed and stressed.

Be Well:
A Personal “Energy Audit”

Practitioners of oriental medicine know that your life-force - your qi - is the single most valuable commodity you have. For this reason, Ascent focuses on helping you release the energies of your personal life-force. And that’s a great idea.

Why? Because ancient medical practice tells us that mind, body, and spirit are not separate but one and that all three aspects of our personhood are charged by one force that suffuses our whole being. When there’s a disturbance or suppression in one aspect of our being, our whole being is affected. We’re left in a state where illness and injury are much more likely to occur.

For centuries, Western medical practice has studied the body and mind separately, usually ignoring our spiritual aspect altogether. Whereas Eastern medicine has thousands of years of experience in observing and understanding how problems in one aspect of our being impact the whole mind-body-spirit system.

If you want to trace the real potential source (or sources) of a health issue you can help yourself greatly by developing an awareness of what’s going on throughout your being as a whole inter-connected energy system.

Here is an important skill that will help you identify energy-disturbing influences that may be having a serious impact your life and health. Think of it as an energy audit:

Use a few moments every day to take stock of what’s going on in your life as a whole. Focus on your overall circumstances. Is there stress or peace? Are there difficulties that go on and on unresolved? Do you like or dislike what you’re doing?

Shift your focus, and scan your whole body. Have you been ignoring pain or discomfort? How is your digestion? Are you fatigued or energized?

Shift again, and observe your thought-stream. Is your self-talk a current of upbeat, forward-looking statements? Or negative, critical, or dull and bored thoughts going nowhere?

Shift one more time, and examine your spiritual condition. Are you hopeful or hopeless? Motivated by a sense of purpose, or listless, bored, uninterested in life?

An “energy audit” takes just a little effort, but it can yield important findings. As you develop a personal health consciousness you will be amazed at the discoveries you make about the conditions you allow or create and how they impact your wellbeing for the worse.

Or, if you then seek help and make appropriate changes… for the better.

Edward Strozier graduated from the first accredited Masters of Acupuncture program in the U.S., and is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is co-founder of “The Retreat About Balance.”

Contact Edward at:

It’s true, our drives are a life-giving energy that help us live well, in every sense.

But sometimes we get stuck in a waiting pattern. We tell ourselves, “I’ll wait till I have more time; have more money; get the kids grown and out of the house; retire; get someone else’s circumstances taken care of; perfect my skills.”

Getting started may mean getting over a serious case of the “Waits.”

Allowing “I’ll wait till…” to overpower your aspirations is the psychic equivalent of allowing one of your limbs to atrophy. The truth is, if you don’t act on your dreams, now, one day they’ll lose their strength. And in their place you’ll be left with withering regret.

If you have a case of the “Waits,” here’s what we recommend:

  • Be prepared. Start a daily journal, with primary focus on airing your hopes, drives, and passions. Be totally free and uncensored about spilling your dreams on paper, until your most important dreams and drives become clear. This will stoke that seedfire of your aspiration.

  • Be clear. If you’re blaming other people and outside circumstances for your own failure to act… you need to get your head clear on this.

    What are the real reasons you’re not acting on your dreams? Are you afraid to look silly? Afraid you won’t achieve fame or fortune? Afraid to let go of something you have now, to risk reaching the life you really want? Afraid to pursue your own life, because you might lose someone else’s love or attention?

    Self-honesty, letting go of blame and excuses, clears our psychic channels, so the energies of drive and creativity can flow. (It’s also a saner way to live.)

  • Be all about change. Have the courage to intentionally break your old patterns. If you’ve been waiting for “enough time” to start on your aspiration chop something that’s less important out of your schedule.

  • Be imperfect. Get help and guidance from coaches, trainers, or gifted or accomplished friends. Get over the notion that doing something imperfectly is a problem. Thrive on learning.

  • Be unstoppable. Once you let loose the power of your dream become a force of nature. Steadily and relentlessly direct more and more energy, time, focus, and skill-improving guidance into your pursuit.

  • Believe. When you act on an aspiration, you live from a deeper place… and amazing synchronicities happen. Doors open. Help comes. You sense that greater forces are at work on your behalf. If you felt a little lost and at loose ends before, you now know that you are living your life as it was “meant” to be lived.

The path of aspiration will not be free of obstacles. But once you get over the “Waits” and turn your whole, real self loose you find your way through, over, under, or around all obstacles.

Don’t wait to start. The best time to set out toward your dream — whatever that takes — is now.

seed fire
It’s Your Life. Be there.


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