Ascent: Being There ... Supporting Your Personal Evolution One Step at a Time

The Most Important
Question You May Ever
Ask Yourself

May 2010

Welcome to the introductory issue of Being There, a free monthly service of Ascent.

Our motto is, “It’s your life. Be there.” We believe you can live one amazing life — one that’s mainly characterized by inner buoyancy, creativity, good health, fitness, and energizing relationships.

Please take a minute to read this, because I’m going to ask a question that could change the course of your life. Really. But first, a bit about us:

Awareness is a vital tool…

Some of you have taken advantage of Ascent’s services by attending a Writing Intensive Workshop or by enrolling in our 8-month Guided Writing Program. But there’s more to Ascent than creative writing.

Ascent develops programs and seminars based in practices that cultivate deep, open awareness. Scientific researchers have discovered that lucid, flowing awareness is essential to life — that is, to a creative, healthy, and happy life. Why is this so?

Awareness is the tool that helps us reconnect to a range of life-energies that stimulate health and creativity. When these energies flow in-sync, our whole being is set free to evolve in healthy ways.

In peak state we feel fully alive because… we are. Biochemically, our body sends maximum vitality through every cell. Mentally, thought becomes lucid and flowing. Emotionally, our mood rises and we love life. Relationally, our boundaries expand as the sense of inter-connection deepens.

In the peak state — and this is important — our core dreams and aspirations surface. We find our inner compass, and know the path we need to be on. It’s no surprise to scientists that the happiest, healthiest people are living out their dreams.

“Nice,” you say. But how do you get there? And, really, can you live at peak?

Each month we'll send you simple strategies

Here’s the secret. Life is all about habits — call them practices — and the path to peak living is to form the best practices.

That’s why Ascent creates programs that use awareness practices as a foundation. Clear, focused awareness is the primary vehicle that moves us onto the path of peak living. It allows us to experience a lifetime of personal evolution.

Being There is Ascent’s way of helping you stay on the path. Each month, one of our associated coaches or trainers will offer you “prompts” — an encouraging nudge, a simple strategy — to help you deepen the practices of peak living and keep you on the path of your evolution.

There is a saying: The path is the goal.

We interpret that to mean: Any step you take, however great or small, strengthens your commitment to living your life at its peak. It’s not about “getting there.” It’s about “being there,” one step at a time, in any given moment any day, in any way.

So here’s the question — exploring the answer may be the most important thing you’ll ever do for yourself:

What does living life at its peak mean to me?

Email us your answers, and tell us how we can support you, at:

Strategy: Post this question where you can revisit it.


Ascent’s Adirondack Writing Summit Features Intervention Co-Host

Jeff Van VonderenJeff Van Vonderen has accepted Ascent’s invitation to be among the nationally-known authors interviewed at Ascent’s 2010 Adirondack Writing Summit, August 15 through 26, at The Woods Inn in Inlet, New York.

Van Vonderen is the author of four books, and travels the U.S. co-hosting the acclaimed program Intervention, which is broadcast on the A&E Channel.

The Summit is a “creative getaway” for aspiring writers…

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Meet Your Coaches

Be Fit
Cindy Carlyle is a physical therapist, fitness coach, marathon and Iron Man triathlon trainer… with four iron man races under her belt. Cindy’s work as a yoga instructor adds the layer of consciousness-training to her coaching. She is writing Iron Spirit: A Pathway to More Powerful Living.

Be Healthy
Edward Strozier practices Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbology in greater Washington, DC, and Maryland. Edward and his mother, Anne Strozier Adams, also an Acupuncturist, are writing The Seven Levels of Healing.

Be Connected
Marcia Keene is a personal and couples therapist, also trained in the emerging science of Energy Healing. She brings her knowledge of human energy systems to her traditional counseling work.

Next Month: You’ll begin to hear from Ascent’s team members, with a great personal coaching strategies for peak living.