Writing Intensive Workshops

PART 1 of Our Program

training for success

3 Days of training to get you further up the path to your publishing success


Thank you for the feedback I received from you and others at the Ascent Workshop. I enjoyed the interaction and connected whole-heartedly with the material… I now understand how to write a book that will sell.


The goal of our Intensive Workshops is to help you sharpen a creative idea you want to develop, or shape a rough work in progress.

Workshops are now forming. Contact us for details.

With 24 hours of lively professional coaching, you will gain:

  • greater access to your creativity
  • stronger writing techniques
  • an outline to develop your work…
  • a “personal contract” to help you “reach” your writing goals.

The group workshop setting makes your entry into the ASCENT Guided Writing Program – or to the great start of a solo writing experience – more affordable.


We call this Workshop an “intensive” because it’s intensely motivational, creative, and instructive. Come join other aspiring writers in the lively and welcoming atmosphere of a small group setting.

Mornings begin with guided exercises that will open and focus your creative consciousness.

Full days of lively interactive sessions help you develop strong techniques in both fiction and non-fiction writing.

Short-burst writing exercises punctuate the workshop, to help ignite your creativity while you explore your own writing style. (During one of these sessions, one writer had a youth novel “come to life” inside her. Now she’s eagerly at work on it in our 10-month Guided Writing Program.)

Attendees who submit writing samples will receive a personalized, professional review, with motivational directives for developing your work.

Today I reviewed the material from your Writing Intensive. The amount of information you presented, the depth of material you presented, and all the connections you helped us to make were extraordinary.


You may choose to attend only the Writing Intensive Workshop… or you may choose to make it your entrance into Ascent’s Guided Writing Program.

If you prefer or need a more personalized coaching experience, you can schedule a Private Tutorial.

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